Alpine Sky Aviation is dedicated to promoting General Aviation to all sectors of the general public and especially to all the young people we come across in our travels and at the Boulder Airport. Included in this section are photos of some of the youngsters that have accepted our offer to sit in the pilot’s seat of our Skylane. The pure joy that they exude after donning the headsets and grabbing the yoke is a sight to behold. We have tried to capture that joy in these photos.

We would love to give any child their first hands-on experience in an aircraft and are available to make that happen. Please contact us if you have an aspiring young aviator in your family and we will meet you at our hangar and allow your child the chance to sit in the pilot’s seat, wear the headsets and imagine they are flying the plane.  It is not necessary to book a tour or other service to take advantage of this offer. Come on out and see for yourself the joy and excitement these kids experience.